1. As a rule we do not get home tickets for HW members. However if asked we can help you organise discounted home tickets (if this is still offered by Leeds).

0ur Ticket Secretary will send a text when notified by Leeds that away tickets are on sale.  If you want a ticket you must reply by the deadline stated.

We cannot guarantee to get all tickets requested but we do try to put the application in as soon as the ticket window opens.  Leeds usually sell tickets to Season Ticket holders then Gold Members.

If taking out Leeds United membership, please ensure it is at the “Gold” level.
The Ticket secretary can be contacted on tickets@hampshirewhites.com.

Tickets must be paid for as soon as your application has been successful.  Ideally payment should be made when the ticket is ordered.

You will receive details of payment arrangements from the secretary when you join The Hampshire Whites