About Us

The Hampshire Whites, a group of Leeds United fans living in and around Hampshire.

Hampshire Whites is an independent Leeds United supporters’ group which exists to help our members support Leeds United and, hopefully, minimize the difficulties that arise when supporting a team over 250 miles away! Most of our members live in West Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire

Our aim is to help supporters watch/attend Leeds United fixtures and events. We do this by organising travel to all matches, organising venues for watching matches on TV, helping with tickets and organising social events.

We are proud of our fundraising and each year we have raised money for the Leeds United Charity of the Year and an equivalent local charity.

We maintain close links with Leeds United and keep our members informed of any issues. This is helped by our membership of LUSN.

You do not have to be a Leeds United season ticket holder or Leeds United member to be a member of Hampshire Whites.