Next event :

September monthly meeting.

Wednesday 14h September 2022 at 7.30pm.

Contact Shirley for more details.

Previous Events

27th June 2021 BBQ/AGM

A very wet afternoon but excellent food supplied by Jeff and Paula. It was great to get back to seeing people again and talk all things Leeds United.

Some good decisions made at the AGM and our charities of LUFC’s Yorkshire Cancer Charity and our own Rowan’s Hospice Living Well (for veterans with terminal illnesses) will benefit as well.

Everyone listening carefully to Jacqui
Everyone still listening!!
Sorting next season?
Catching up!
What will happen next season?
Cool – Leeds United trainers – the envy of everyone!
Whatever happened to Little Ben? – cool trainers (see above)

23rd May Back to Elland Rd

Jacqui and Kieran plus Liam at ER

2019/2020 Season