We organise transport to all home games and also away games as appropriate. With matches being changed frequently and the difficulty of attending midweek matches the number of people using the transport varies.

This includes liaising with members re train travel so that group fares can be bought – or just so that members have someone to travel with. 

The transport offered is a 9 seater or 17 seater minibus. 9 seaters can be driven by anyone over 25 with a valid driving licence. They are not speed restricted which makes the long journeys quicker. We use 17 seaters frequently but these can only be driven by people with a D1 licence and do make the journeys longer. We are actively seeking  drivers for these vehicles!


We offer a ticket buying service. This means that if members are unavailable when the tickets go on sale we can get them and we can get seats together. The disadvantage of this is that if the system fails for any reason none of our members will get tickets. We can only do our best.

0ur Ticket Secretary will send a text when notified by Leeds that away or home tickets are on sale.  If you want a ticket you must reply by the deadline stated.

We cannot guarantee to get all tickets requested but we do try to put the application in as soon as the ticket window opens.  Leeds usually sell away tickets to Season Ticket holders then Members. Home tickets are sold to Priority members then members+  then members.

You will receive further information regarding tickets when you join Hampshire Whites.