Hampshire Whites is a Leeds United supporters’ group which exists to help our members support Leeds United and, hopefully, minimise the difficulties that arise when supporting a team nearly 300 miles away!

Our aim is to help supporters watch/attend Leeds United fixtures and events. We do this by organising travel to all matches, organising venues for watching matches on TV, helping with tickets and organising social events.

We maintain close links with Leeds United and keep our members informed of any issues, where we can.

You do not have to be a Leeds United season ticket holder or Leeds United member to be a member of Hampshire Whites.

History of Hampshire Whites

Hampshire Whites began with a couple of  Leeds supporters, in the Fareham/Southampton areas, trying to get to matches as cheaply as possible and with company. They travelled with supporters from Isle of Wight and Bournemouth in the early days and gradually this became more formal.

In 2002 Hampshire Whites was officially formed and began getting local supporters to matches by coordinating travel and tickets. 

In 2009 Hampshire Whites became a Regional Members Club as part of a new initiative to involve fans in the club. We are  proud to say that we were the first Supporters Group to host ‘Leeds on the Road’ when we hosted a Q&A session with the Leeds United Chairman, Management, and players past and present on our very own ‘doorstep’ in Fareham.  This developed the close links with LUFC that we are still able to access today. 

We are currently an independent supporters’ group but still maintain close links with LUFC.

The size of The Hampshire Whites has fluctuated over the years largely due to performances on the pitch and on the Board.  Currently we have a membership that is actively involved in the group and we are large enough to be effective in our aims.