Hampshire Whites is an independent Leeds United supporters’ group which exists to help our members support Leeds United and, hopefully, minimize the difficulties that arise when supporting a team over 250 miles away! Most of our members live in West Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire
Our aim is to help supporters watch/attend Leeds United fixtures and events. We do this by organising travel to all matches, organising venues for watching matches on TV, helping with tickets and organising social events.
We are proud of our fundraising and each year we have raised money for the Leeds United Charity of the Year and an equivalent local charity.
We maintain close links with Leeds United and keep our members informed of any issues. This is helped by our membership of LUSN.
You do not have to be a Leeds United season ticket holder or Leeds United member to be a member of Hampshire Whites.


History of Hampshire Whites

Hampshire Whites began with a few Leeds supporters, in the Fareham/Southampton areas, trying to get to matches as cheaply as possible and with company. They travelled with supporters from the Isle of Wight and Bournemouth in the early days and gradually this became more formal.

In 2002 Hampshire Whites was officially formed and began getting local supporters to matches by coordinating travel and tickets. 

In 2009 Hampshire Whites became a Regional Members Club as part of a new initiative to involve fans in the club. We are  proud to say that we were the first Supporters Group to host ‘Leeds on the Road’ when we hosted a Q&A session with the Leeds United Chairman, Management, and players past and present on our very own ‘doorstep’ in Fareham.  This developed the close links with LUFC that we are still able to access today. 

We are currently an independent supporters’ group but still maintain close links with LUFC and are proud to be founding members of the Leeds United Supporters Network.

The size of The Hampshire Whites has fluctuated over the years largely due to performances on the pitch and on the ownership of LUFC.  Currently we have a membership that is actively involved in the group and we are large enough to be effective in our aims.


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Our members cover a wide age span and we encourage younger membership with free membership (adults £10) of Hampshire Whites and cheaper travel to matches. We help them get to matches even if family members are unable to attend.


We also involve youngsters in our events – presentations, BBQs, Meetings, matchdays etc



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We organise transport to all home games and also away games as appropriate. With matches being changed frequently and the difficulty of attending midweek matches the number of people using the transport varies.This includes liaising with members re train travel so that group fares can be bought – or just so that members have someone to travel with.

Travelling on Transport

The transport offered is usually a 9 seater bus which can be driven by anyone over 25 with a valid driving licence. They are not speed restricted which makes the long journeys quicker. We use 17 seaters frequently but these can only be driven by people with a D1 licence and do make the journeys longer. We are actively seeking  drivers for these vehicles!

Pick up points are kept to a minimum which normally requires members to travel to pick up points. Members are helped and encouraged to share cars.  Generally the pick up points and route are between Eastleigh on the A27/M27,  and on the A34 between Winchester and Oxford then either the A43 or M69 to join the M1. The bus takes different routes in certain circumstances for example  if we are going to different grounds or for safer pick ups off the main route.

Booking Transport

We have a Transport Secretary who organises transport and is the first point of contact for getting to matches.


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We have a MONTHLY  MEETING which acts as a committee meeting and members are encouraged to join us to put forward their ideas and comments and enjoy a drink or two.

We have an ANNUAL BBQ and AGM which is free to members  and their families, and is hosted by one of our members. Even in the pouring rain!

Charity Presentations

We were able to present a cheque for £300 to the Living Well centre at Rowans Hospice in Hampshire. Living Well provides a drop-in service of support, therapeutic interventions and group activities for anyone affected by life-limiting illnesses and is dedicated to helping people from the first point of diagnosis. It has a focus for those who served in the Armed Forces , and as we have serving members and ex- servicemen was an appropriate charity for us.

We were also able to donate £300 to Leeds United’s charity of the year Yorkshire cancer Trust. The group presented the cheque to Nikki by the Don Revie statue at a rainy Everton match

Our members are proud to be part of Hampshire Whites  wherever they are.


Facebook – Hampshire Whites

Twitter – @hantswhites

Chairman: Mick
Secretary (general enquiries): Jacqui 
Treasurer: Chris
Membership (Joining Information): Shirley